Bond Johnson
Crockett - Haywood - Lauderdale

"I announced my candidacy for House Representative, 82nd District, because I believe I have the experience and character to represent our rural community. I have dedicated my life to public service, and now I ask for your help in this people-powered campaign.
Whether you can donate your time, funds, or expertise, I would be honored to have your assistance on this journey. Together, we can

ensure a bright future for all Tennesseeans. Click below to get involved."





Andrea Bond Johnson believes that in 21st Century America, no one who works a full time job should be living under the poverty line. Andrea will strive to bring jobs and investment to rural West Tennessee to provide jobs that pay a wage you can be proud of.
Andrea Bond Johnson believes all Tennesseans should have access to good affordable healthcare, and that this is the only way to prevent further rural hospital closures. Expanding access to healthcare is a key component to why Andrea is running today.
Tennessee prospers when all people have access to a quality education. Andrea will fight to keep public funds for public schools and to guarantee our teachers continue to receive the pay raises they deserve.